Camps & Courses

Visit to register for any of the upcoming WCF Camps & Courses. Information about each of the courses we run throughout the year can be found below:

Basic Ice-Tech Course

This course is designed to give the basic knowledge to install and maintain curling ice. The course includes theoretical and practical elements.

Using the WCF Ice Technician Manual (Curling Ice Explained – CIE) numerous topics are discussed and demonstrated:

• The development of the game and its demand on curling ice
• Specific definition of curling ice, game tactics
• The floors of a curling rink
• Measuring, painting and lines
• Actual ice installation
• Flooding
• Curling ice in an arena
• Maintaining the ice pad (scraping, etc.)
• Routines and equipment, end of season maintenance
• Pebbling
• Temperature and other readings
• Humidity, heating, ventilation and lighting
• Water, ice and curling stone quality
• The refrigeration system and energy

Basic Umpire Course

This course is suitable for those wishing to get involved in umpiring and officiating nationally and/or internationally or simply to learn the rules of curling in depth.

The course will cover the following topics:

• Rules of the game explained
• Tasks and responsibilities of the different Umpire functions
• Practical work on ice

Advanced Umpire Course

Suitable for those who have participated in the WCF Basic Umpire Course or a similar course delivered by their own Member Association and who have worked at a minimum of five events as an Umpire in their own country or internationally.

The programme includes a rules update, application of rules to situations, working with coaches and media. Tasks and duties of the Chief-Timer, Deputy-Chief Umpire and Chief Umpire are discussed. Basic to the course is the WCF Chief Umpire Manual which is used for much of the group work.

Füssen Junior Camp

The Füssen Junior Camp is open for Junior Curlers between 13 and 20 years of age. Depending on the group level, the instruction will cover on and off-ice topics such as delivery analysis and development, team communication, strategy, training drills and practice plans, sweeping, ice reading, stone matching, mental preparation, season planning and the role of team coaches.

During the six day camp the campers will also do some side activities such as Mini-Golf and bobsled and a visit to the Fitness Centre.

Sweetlake Junior Team Camp

The Sweetlake Junior Team Camp is open for teams of Junior Curlers between 13 and 20 years of age. Entries are only accepted for teams, not individual athletes.

The camp is designed to focus on team development, but also includes individual technical skill development from top international coaches. Teams are strongly encouraged to bring their qualified team coach/manager to help apply the skills developed throughout the year. Topics covered include: team planning, team communication, team and individual goal setting, sport nutrition, fitness, technical analysis, team based strategy, team dynamics and fun side activities.

Prague Adult Camp

This camp is for any adult curler, over the age of 21, who has played curling for at least one year and who wants to improve their curling skills (delivery, skills, strategy, etc.). Top international instructors, assisted by top athletes, run the camp.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced curler, you can benefit from the relaxed learning environment in a top class facility while meeting other curlers from around the world. Time will be available in the evenings to explore the beautiful city of Prague.

Bratislava Adult Camp

This camp is for any adult curler, over the age of 21, who has played curling for at least one year and who wants to improve their curling skills (delivery, skills, strategy, etc.). Three top international instructors are running the camp. Each instructor will lead a group.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced curler, you can benefit from great ice while meeting other curlers from around the world. Optional social and fun evening activities are arranged.

Budapest Mixed Doubles Camp

Following the recent inclusion of Mixed Doubles Curling in the Olympic programme, we are offering this instructional camp to all new and developing teams who would be interested in learning about the particularities of this discipline.

The four day camp will be led by four international top instructors/athletes, who will cover specific topics of Mixed Doubles that include: sweeping, release/rotation, communication, team dynamics and rules/strategy/tactics.

Coach Mentoring Programme

This programme helps to prepare a coach to take a team to a national or international championship.

Coaches learn from WCF staff, guest lecturers and participating national team coaches at an actual event. Coaching is an art that must be learned by hands-on experience. This mentor programme is a form of interactive learning not available in the classroom or online setting.

Introduction to Instruction

This course is designed to help experienced curlers who wish to learn the skills required to teach the sport to new participants.

These skills include:
• game orientation
• delivery
• sweeping
• warm-up and cool down routines
• basic strategy
• ethics in coaching

Advanced Instruction

This course is for the experienced curling instructors looking to advance their skillset in teaching curling skills. Previous participation in Introduction to Instruction is recommended.

The concepts taught include:
• advanced delivery techniques
• advanced sweeping techniques
• delivery fault detection
• video analysis
• advanced strategy and tactics

Introduction to Wheelchair Curling Instruction

This course is designed to teach the skills required to instruct wheelchair curling and is offered to able-bodied and wheelchair participants alike.

The course covers:
• differences in ability levels
• rules differences from able-body curling
• facility requirements
• equipment and clothing
• safety
• on-ice preparation
• warm-ups and cool downs
• set-up and delivery

Introduction to Coaching

It is often said that instruction is a science and coaching is an art. This course is suitable for anyone wishing to coach a team and help them prepare for a season of competitions.

Course topics include:
• creating a championship team
• goals setting
• team dynamics
• nutrition and recovery
• competition planning
• practice planning
• role of the coach

Business of Curling

The Business of Curling programme is designed to help curling clubs understand the business they are in. The most successful clubs are thriving because they have adapted to the current trends, developing new policies and procedures that meet the needs and wants of today’s society.

Can your club benefit from hosting a Business of Curling Symposium?

How you answer these questions will help you determine if your Club or Association should host a Business of Curling Symposium?

• Is your club membership growing? How many members do you have? What is the breakdown of male and female members? Do you have a junior program, how many members? How many senior members?
• What is your volunteer base?
• Do you have a sponsorship package and how successful are you at attracting sponsors?
• How would you describe your curling club operations?
• Does your club have short term/long term planning documents?
• How does your club communicate with your members?
• If you were to identify the top three challenges facing your club today, what would they be?
• Are there any pending issues that need immediate attention? (May include financial, membership, facility problems)

Your Business of Curling Agenda could include the following subjects:
• Where are you today?
• Leagues, Clinics and Instruction
• Attract, Grow and Retain Your Membership
• WCF Programmes - DAP, CEP, OCT, PCF
• Volunteers, Recruitment, Retention and Recognition
• Social Media
• Off the Record - Q & A
• Board Development, Terms of Reference
• Managing your club – transition from arena to dedicated facility
• Ice Making – Curling Stones
• Hosting National and International Championships