Broadcast Schedule for Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2017

  • Photo: © WCF / Céline Stucki

World Curling Federation - YouTube Channel
DATE TIME AEDT Draw Feature Game
Fri 3 Nov 1400-1700 w1 China v Japan LIVE
1900-2200 M3 Australia v New Zealand LIVE
Sat 4 Nov 1400-1700 M4 China v Japan LIVE
1900-2200 w3 New Zealand v Australia LIVE
Sun 5 Nov 1400-1700 w4 New Zealand v China LIVE
1900-2200 M6 Korea v Jpana LIVE
Mon 6 Nov 1400-1700 M7 China v Korea LIVE
1900-2200 w6 Japan v Korea LIVE
Tue 7 Nov 1400-1700 w7 China v Korea LIVE
1900-2200 M9 Japan v New Zealand LIVE
Wed 8 Nov 1400-1700 w SF Women's Semi-finals LIVE
1900-2200 M SF Men's Semi-finals LIVE
Thu 9 Nov 0900-1200 Final Women's Gold Medal Game LIVE
1400-1700 Final Men's Gold Medal Game LIVE
available to viewers world-wide, except in the following territories:*
Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA,and Japan for final stages
All timings above correct as of 2 Nov 2017
SKY SPORTS - New Zealand
CCTV5 and CCTV5+ - China
G+ (NTV) - Japan
i-CABLE Sports - Hong Kong
SpoTV - South Korea