Korea men Pacific-Asia Curling Championship 2017 champions

  • Korea men Pacific-Asia Curling Championship 2017 champions Photos: © WCF / Céline Stucki

Korea’s men’s team has followed its women’s team to victory at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2017 in Erina, Australia on Thursday (9 November).

Korea beat China in the gold medal final in the Erina Ice Arena, in a game that came down to a last stone measure to decide the winner. The team representing Korea at this event, are the team that will lead the home nation at the Olympic Winter Games, in PyeongChang in February.

Korea are skip Chang-Min Kim, third Se-Hyeon Seong, second Eun-Su Oh, lead Ki-Bok Lee and alternate Min-Chan Kim. The silver medal team, China are skip Dejia Zou, third Qiang Zou, second Jingtao Xu, lead Zhilin Shao and alternate Yanlong Ma.

In the bronze medal game, Japan won against hosts Australia 11-4. Japan, who have also been selected to represent their Member Association at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games, are skip Yusuke Morozumi, third Tetsuro Shimizu, second Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, lead Kosuke Morozumi and alternate Kohsuke Hirata.

In the gold medal game, China were 5-0 up going into the fifth end break. However, in the sixth end Korea’s skip, Kim, played a perfect hit to clear the Chinese stones in the 12-foot ring, missing his own stone by an inch, and to score four points. This brought the score to 4-5.

In the eighth end Korea’s third player Seong played two take-outs that left the house clear for his skip to split the house and then make an open hit for three points and a 7-6 lead – the first time in the game that the ultimate winners were in front.

China went in front again with two points, in the ninth end. But, a double takeout attempt from Korea’s Kim pushed China’s stone in the house past Korea’s second stone in the rings, just enough to count for two points and the 9-8 win. The teams’ asked for a measure to confirm the score.

In the bronze medal game, it came down to two consecutive ends where Japan stole two points in each. This 7-3 lead, after the sixth end proved decisive to the outcome of the game. The home team managed to score three points in the third end and another single point in the eighth end, but were unable to claw back the extensive lead Japan had created. As well as the steals ofg two points, Japan stole four points in the seventh end.

They said it

Chang-Min Kim; skip, Korea (after 9-8 gold medal win over China): “After the fifth end our coach said we should try to gamble and play more aggressively, we tried that and it was a success. [Our vice-skip Se-Hyeon Seong], he believed and had no doubts, Se-Hyeon always does that. He told me he had confidence and to believe and trust each other. We are happy but we are not perfect. We need to keep learning so this is still study for us.”

Dejia Zou; skip, China (after winning silver medals): “It was 5-0 after the first five ends but we lost this game, that means we are inexperienced. I and the team have learned a lot.”

Kosuke Morozumi; skip, Japan (after 11-4 bronze medal win over Australia): “[Going to the worlds is] a great thing for Japan. We need to keep going to the worlds every year, it means we can improve our curling in Japan. We are one of the best ice reading teams, I believe, and we played really good this week and I believe we are the best team this week.”

Results men’s finals: GOLD China 8-9 Korea; BRONZE Australia 4-11 Japan

Standings after men’s finals (W-L):

G Korea 7-3
S China 7-3
B Japan 9-1
Australia 7-3
New Zealand 4-4
Chinese Taipei 3-5
Hong Kong 1-7
Qatar 1-7
Kazakhstan 1-7

Curling fans around the world will be able to follow live coverage of these championships via the World Curling Federation’s broadcast partners in China (CCTV), Japan (NTV), Korea (SpoTV), Hong Kong (i-Cable), New Zealand (Sky), USA (NBC) and the Olympic Channel. Coverage will also be available on the event website and the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/WorldCurlingTV

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