#WSCC2018: Day five quotes

  • Latvia skip Ansis Regza Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Athlete quotes from day five of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Wade White; skip, Canada (after 12-3 win over England): "We got off to a pretty good start. We had three in there and they tried to freeze us. But a couple of ours curled well and we got lucky and got a six. I feel like we're getting a little stronger since the first the game. We played pretty well then too, but I feel like we're getting better each game. Our goal was to make the playoffs, which I think we did with this last game. Now we just got to play and see."

Ansis Regza; skip, Latvia (after 5-4 extra end win over Russia): "Nice win – tough game. For us, we’re still alive. The [play-off] dream is still alive and we could make it, but we need to play more stabilised and make not so many mistakes at the beginning of the game. We made a lot of mistakes at the start."

Hans Frauenlob; skip, New Zealand (after 7-6 win over Israel): "That was huge. We played really poorly yesterday, so we knew we had to come back strong tonight and those guys would be tough – they were and it went right down to the last. We needed this one tonight and they needed it too and it shows a real tough game. We’re just happy to come off the ice with the win."

Gordon Muirhead; skip, Scotland (after 5-1 win over Italy): "We’re very pleased with that. The way it’s turned out there were four teams on one loss and Italy was one of them, so it was a must-win, especially with Sweden coming up later on. It’s good, we played quite solid and things are looking like they are hopefully on track. We were in control of that. We stole one in the fourth to go two up and there were never any problems after that. We’ve got Sweden and Czech Republic left, realistically, as long as we win one of them – we’d rather win both of them, as long as we win one, so we’ll just make it tonight hopefully."

Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 6-1 win over Scotland): "This was a key game for us and we’ve qualified now I think. It was a really good game for us."

Jeff Wright; skip United States (after 8-6 win over Latvia): "That was big. We had to win one of the two games today to make the play-offs – we’ve still got to win tomorrow as well. When we gave up the three in the seventh – it was the exact same thing a s this morning’s game. We were trying to peel stuff out of there and instead of peeling we’re nosing. We’re just that off, but we’re getting closer. We didn’t survive this morning, but we’re still surviving overall."

[Pictured below: United States skip, Margie Smith | Photo WCF / Tom Rowland]


Judith Dixon; skip England (after 8-4 win over Italy): "We had a bit of a wobble again, but we managed to hang on there. We’re still in the mix and it’s nice to be there."

Miyuki Kawamura; skip, Japan (after 8-4 win over Lithuania): "It was a nervous game. The points were up and down. Mid-game they gave a good chase, but we got it back. We’re just hoping to smile and enjoy curling."

Susan Kesley; skip, Scotland (after 8-2 win over New Zealand): "Great! We needed that, we needed to settle our game. One game left and I think we’re definitely in a play-off, but we’ve still got to come back [against England] and play our game, and use that game for practice for the play-offs."

Dagmar Frei: skip, Switzerland (after 8-5 win over Latvia): "Just write…”YES”! It feels great. We never expected that we would win every game, we’re a great team. I didn’t think we would make four in the last end. They played super and I think it was really a tough game for us, but we made it with our last shot."

Margie Smith; skip, United States (after 6-1 win over Australia): "Another important win. We just were patient. We made our shots, we kept it simple. I’m afraid she didn’t have draw-weight and they were just little misses here and there. We need to have one more win [against Lithuania] - every team can come out and shine, so we just need to play that kind of game… with patience."

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