#WSCC2018: Day four quotes

  • Scotland skip, Susan Kesley Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Athlete quotes from day four of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Sherry Anderson: skip, Canada (after 6-2 win over Japan): "That certainly wasn’t my best performance. They made lots of shots and they played good. We struggled with weight to begin with, we were light and I was heavy and we didn’t make a whole bunch of shots and it was fortunate we were only one down with the hammer after the first few ends. I was still feeling confident, but you’ve got to pick it up from that point, which we did."

Susan Kesley; skip, Scotland (after 11-1 win over Ireland): "In the second end, we just kept piling then in and then we had a hit for four. They played really well at the first end and then we just came into our game, giving them shots to make. I have no idea how close we are to qualifying, just one game at a time."

Esther Kobler; third Switzerland (after 5-4 win over Italy): "That was a very important win. It was very tough, and we were very close. At first, we had some problems with the length of our shots, but we had a lot of good shots in the last end, so we’re happy now."

[Pictured below: Wales skip, Adrian Meikle | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]


Wade White, skip Canada (after 10-2 win over Belgium): "We got off to a good start. Well we got a couple but then we stole that three. After that we were playing pretty conservative. I think the second end was the most rocks we had in play in that game. And in five we played a bit more aggressively, but it was pretty straightforward really. "

Gordon Muirhead; skip, Scotland (after 8-4 win over Slovenia): "We read the ice, played well, played solid. We’re in a far happier frame of mind tonight. If we play like that for the rest of the week it’d be good, it was quite confidence boosting. We’ve got Italy and then Sweden tomorrow and we’re going to sleep happier tonight."

Jeff Wright; skip, United States (after 3-2 extra end win over Russia): "That wasn’t pretty but it’s a win. They played very well. It was one of those games where we were having trouble getting stuff set in the right place, so it became one of those shooting matches where we were just trading stones, but they played very well. That definitely has us going in the right direction and we needed that to just stay in line with what we’re trying to do."

Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 9-4 win against Hong Kong): "Their [Hong Kong] skip is a very nice player and he can get in behind any guard and any cover and we knew that. So, we tried to keep the guards out of play so he had nothing to hide behind. In the end where we scored four he had nowhere to hide and in the end our strategy paid off."
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