#WSCC 2018: Day one quotes

  • Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland

Athlete quotes from day one of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Sherry Anderson; skip, Canada (after 11-2 win over Lithuania): "It feels good to get out in the ice; the ice was really nice – not as much curl as yesterday but very fast and a nice surface to slide on. As seniors we appreciate that good surface. As a start it was ok. I felt we played pretty good, we didn’t play spectacular and had some misses but I thought we were throwing them ok and made some good shots. That’s how you want to start so you can build from there. We had a good handle on the ice and that’s what you want to build on from the first game and feel comfortable going into the second game, so we’re right where we want to be."

Judith Dixon; skip, England (after 11-4 win over Ireland): "It was very nice to start with a win. At half-time it was a bit close together and we let them back in there but the girls came good and we’re very happy with that win. We have no expectations, we just want to come and play well, so it’s a bonus if we keep winning. People think ‘oh it’s England, oh yeah’ but we try our best to prove ourselves and hopefully we’ll get there."

Susan Kesley; skip, Scotland (after 6-2 win over Finland): "That was a good game and it’s nice to get the first win on the board. We were a bit nervy – as were they. We got a good start and that meant we could keep it clean and have a nice, clean game. Now it’s more of the same, and try to play as we know we can play."

Margie Smith; skip United States (after 6-3 win over Russia): "It’s always good to start with a win. You wait and wait and wait and wait. We came to play and we’re ready. It’s nice to have a sure win to start with and then we’ll tune it up. You can always tune it up. It’s nice to have a little bit of experience but it’s still a world event, you’ve still got the nerves and everything that’s going on, so it’s nice to get a win under our belt and get going."


Hugh Millikan; skip, Australia (after 7-3 win over Slovenia): "We haven’t played Slovenian before and we didn’t know quite what to expect and, gee, they played pretty well. Their skip in particular played a couple of freezes that kept us to ones, so that was a good tough game to get going. Our guys played pretty well and I’m happy to come away with the win. This is such a great mix of teams, it’s a lot of fun to be out there. The camaraderie on the ice is great and that’s what makes this game a lot of fun."

Wade White; skip, Canada (after 7-3 win over France): "I’m pretty pleased with that, it wasn’t the perfect game, but we got things done, made the right shots at the right time. We’re a little rusty but it’s not that bad. We’re just trying to get used to the ice, that’s what it’s all about. So far, so good, that’s what we want – one win."

Jussi Uusipaavalniemi; skip, Finland (after 7-6 win over Ireland): "We haven’t played too much together so this was a very nice game for us…to start with a win, and the Irish are a very tough team. I was very happy that my last stone was a draw rather than a take-out, I feel much more confident with draws. A win is a win."

Johnny Jahr; skip, Germany (after 11-3 win over England): "That was good, that was fun. The ice is perfect and there’s a good atmosphere, it’s very nice, and we won this one! We are always challenging ourselves, so we’ll be trying our very best. We hope to get into the play-offs, then we’ll wait and see."

Gordon Muirhead; skip, Scotland (after 9-1 win over Netherlands): "These games are all banana skins. We’re playing well, we got the draw-weight nailed from the start and got an idea about the ice. Obviously there are tougher games to come but we know what the ice is doing now. You’ve just got to keep concentration."

Dieter Wueest; skip, Switzerland (after 11-1 win over England): "The ice is very fast, you have to get used to it first, but it’s wonderful to play on. We got a bit lucky in the first end, I had a good shot with my last one to get four, and that made it an easy game for us. This is our first time at the Seniors. It’s a good tournament with 28 nations, it’s enormous, but it’s fun."

Jeff Wright; skip, United States (after 6-3 win over Finland): "Good start. We ‘re happy with that. It’s good to get one out of the way and it was fun to do that one. It’s nice to get onto the ice, it’s been a while since we’ve been here and just to get our legs underneath us and play a game. They played very well, and it just happened to go our way. We didn’t play the best we can play, we’re just getting started but we can definitely build from that and keep going."
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