#WSCC2018: Day six quotes

  • Finland women Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland

Athlete quotes from day six of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Sherry Anderson; skip, Canada (after 8-1 win over Australia): "You only get one game a day here and you don’t want to come out flat. I thought we rebounded nicely. We didn’t start our game yesterday real great, we had some fairly wide-open misses and I didn’t have great draw-weight, so you want to come back and lay well and get back on track… throwing them all and playing good, so it was a good one to do. I think we played pretty good. There isn’t (sic) too many shots that I’d have back so that’s always a good sign.

Mari Hansen; skip, Finland (after 8-3 win over Switzerland): "That was a very important win, I think that’s us qualified. We had to win today and if not, we would be out, so there was more pressure for us than for Switzerland because they were already qualified. I think we played pretty well and did what we had to do. We got a three and we relaxed a little bit, but it’s tough to lead as well. I think all the team played well so now we’re ready."

Susan Kesley; skip, Scotland (after 11-5 win over England): "Brilliant, we’re delighted! It’s very helpful to score six in the first end. It was a really nice end, we all played really well and capitalised and then just tried to play it as clean as possible. Now, we’ll just have to play our best – we’re looking forward to it. Our first job was to qualify for the play-offs and we’ve done that, so we’re delighted."

[Pictured below: Scotland skip, Gordon Muirhead | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]


Wade White; skip, Canada (after 11-2 win over Turkey): "It’s a little bit hard [when you’re already qualified], it’s hard to get going. We didn’t seem to be sharp off the start but when they gave us a scare I think we woke up and got some points. We’re not used to that, we’re used to guys being right in it. We don’t know who we’re curling yet, we’ll take it a game and a time and see how it works out for us."

Gordon Muirhead; skip, Scotland (after 7-3 win over Czech Republic): "We’ve qualified, it finished up a good solid game, we all played well and read the ice. In the first end, they made a mistake early on, so we just split the house and we just kept it going all the way. We did that three times and we never let them have a look in and it was good from our point of you, good and solid and it augurs well for the future, I hope. Even against Sweden [when we lost] it wasn’t that bad. We’re all quite happy going forward, we’ll just wait and see and if we can play good and solid… you never know."

Jeff Wright; skip, United States (after 12-2 win over Croatia): "We made it, that was one of the goals that we had – to qualify, and now we just need to try to get ready to move on to the next one. We were more relaxed in that game than in any of the others, we’re starting to feel better on the ice and feeling more confident about the brooms we’re putting down, and the way we’re playing. At this point it’s loser go home so it’s just settle in and play a good game."
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