#WSCC 2018: Day three quotes

  • Latvia women Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Athlete quotes from day three of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Maija Prozorovica; lead, Latvia (after 5-4 win over Finland): "That’s our second win and that was a tough game. We were even before the last end, it was not easy. We’re still looking at qualification and we just think that we have to keep our team spirit, we know that from our experience – don’t lose the team spirit and then it works well."

Susan Kesley; skip, Scotland (after 7-4 win over Italy): "Another win, it’s great and we’re really pleased. I had to make the nose-hit (with the last stone), it’s always easier once you’ve played it than before you play it. In the seventh end we were looking at giving up a three and they just under-swept her stone. Three wins and if we can keep it going we’ll be really pleased, we’ll be trying to get there. But I play one game at a time and try to forget about everything else. We’ve got tough games all the way, so actually, playing close games like that is quite good for practising last ends."

Norma O’Leary; third, United States (after 9-5 win over Japan): "Wins always feel good. [about scoring five in the third end] You definitely have to keep the pressure on, especially against these ladies. We know they draw so well and we know that’s what they want to play. We had a four-point lead, but it doesn’t feel safe. We were four up going home and we still had to play our last stone. You just never felt that you had the game in the bag until she threw that last stone… they’re good players."

Ekaterina Priemskaya; lead, Russia (after 7-3 win over Lithuania): "At last we have a game that we’ve won. We were in control. Our first game was with USA and then the Canadians, so that was a bit difficult for us, so we’re very pleased with that win. The whole thing here is just fabulous, the nature, the organisation, the transport, the meals…we’re enjoying ourselves."

[Pictured below: Team Canada | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]


Vit Zinga; fourth player Czech Republic (after 11-1 win over Netherlands): "We’re very pleased. That’s our first win in the tournament and for three of us this is the first World Championship, so we’re pretty satisfied with that. It will be hard to win more because we have very strong teams in our group like Sweden, Australia and Scotland, but we will try our best."

Wade White; skip, Canada (after 9-1 win over Germany): "That was a good bounce-back, after waiting all night to curl again and think about all the shots from yesterday. All it was yesterday was that I missed my last one last night and you think about the whole game, a quarter-inch here or there, but that was a good bounce-back. I was pretty disappointed yesterday, but you’ve got to get over it."

John Brown; skip, England (after 11-5 win over Belgium): "That’s very good, it’s my first win in the world seniors for about ten years. Halfway through the game we were looking pretty ropey, but we managed to get a good weight in the second half and when we came to that point he was just unable to deal with the pressure. That’s one win on the board so a couple more and we’ll be happy."

Pascal Adam; skip, France (after 9-6 in over Turkey): "It was a difficult game, we lost the first end and then we lost the second end when we had hammer. We pulled ourselves together and then we had the upper hand in the game, but we still weren’t fully concentrated, but we still managed to win. We are a good team, but we need to focus 100% if we are to beat the better teams here. We need to be precise and exact with all of our stones. It’s very beneficial for our team to be here but the most important thing is the camaraderie we experience from the other teams."

Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 8-3 win over Slovenia): "That was a nice win. I think we’re performing better and better now, so that’s nice. We’re in a really tough group. Australia, Scotland and us, so it’s going to be a really tough and Australia is almost already number one in the group."

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