#WSCC 2018 Day two quotes

  • Japan skip, Masayasu Sato Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Athlete quotes from day two of the World Senior Curling Championships 2018 being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden.


Wade White; skip, Canada (after 4-5 loss to Switzerland): "It felt a little heavy out of my hand – that was tough. I thought we curled pretty good, I thought we curled better than in the first game, so there’s lots of positives, the team felt really good. I made most of mine except the last couple! That was a good game – they wanted to win, and we wanted to win, it was pretty competitive out there. It was a well-curled game by both teams. We curled pretty good and executed really well I thought, compared to the first game."

Kevin Golberg; skip, Israel (after 9-3 win over Hong Kong): "It was good to get a win under our belt. We had a tough day against Denmark yesterday, but it was a good day against Hong Kong today. I’m just glad that we can get on our way with wins and hopefully we can get on a run. We had a better handle on the ice today, we fell short reading the ice yesterday. I’m just glad we were able to put some shots together and keep everything under control, which is very important for the team. We’re hoping to try to make the play-offs and there’s a few teams out there that we’re going to have to beat and I think we’re good enough to do that."

Masayasu Sato; skip, Japan (after 12-8 win over Poland): "At first, I thought maybe it would not be too difficult to win but later they were catching up with us. ]The level of the Poland team is getting higher. In the first part of the game we were doing quite well, but we struggled later."

Hans Frauenlob; skip, New Zealand (after 7-2 win over Wales): "Two wins so we’re pretty happy. We had hammer in both games and that was important, we started well and got our deuce in the first and forced back. We had a chance for a deuce in the third but didn’t quite convert it but the steal in the fourth gave us control and I thought the team played really well today.

"This is always the start of our season, so an early tournament is always a concern for us and if we get it going early that’s great because we tend to improve as the week goes on. If we can maintain this level, we’ll be in the thick of it."


Mari Hansen; skip, Finland (after 9-4 win over Italy): "It’s nice to get the first win. I think we played pretty well. We kept building up the house in every end and that’s how we got the four in the sixth end. We all played better today and we can be a bit better tomorrow than today I hope."

Sandy Gagnon; skip, Australia (after 6-5 extra end win over Lithuania): "I’m very pleased with that. It was a tense game overall. The Lithuanian girls really had us going and we had to really pull it out and make some important shots in that whole game. What we can take from that is that we can hold our own and we can come back, and we can win. I was comfortable making that last shot - the shot was there."

Susan Kelsey; skip, Scotland (after 7-5 win over Latvia): "I wasn’t too sure of the ice on that last stone, we were a bit shaky on this ice today, it was hard to read it. I knew we could get past (the guard) but it needed swept and well-swept the girls. We’re delighted with two wins now, That was our shakiest game, Fran our third wasn’t very well, she had a cough so she wasn’t sweeping and the others had to make up for that and they did that well We got through that game though."
Photos © WCF / Richard Gray

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