Canada men and women win World Senior Curling Championships 2018

  • Canada win World Senior Curling Championships 2018 gold Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland

There was a golden double for Canada in the World Senior Curling Championships 2018, in Oestersund, Sweden, as both their men’s and women’s teams won their finals on Saturday (28 April) afternoon.

The Canadian women (skip Sherry Anderson, third player Patty Hersikorn, second player Brenda Goertzen, and lead Anita Silvernagle) beat United States (skip Margie Smith, third Norma O’Leary, second player Debbie Dexter, and lead Shelly Kosal) by 5-4 to claim gold.

To reach the final, Canada had beaten Switzerland by 7-5 in the semi-final while United States had a 6-3 semi-final win over Sweden.

In the bronze medal game, Switzerland (skip Dagmar Frei, third Esther Kobler, second player Rosmarie Von Rotz, and lead Sylvia Schaepper, supported by alternate Susanne Affeltranger) beat Sweden by 5-3.

The Canadian men [Pictured above © WCF / Tom Rowland] (skip Wade White, third Barry Chwedoruk, second player Daniel Holowaychuk, and lead George White) scored six points on their way to an 8-2 gold medal win over Sweden (skip Mats Wranaa, third Mikael Hasselborg, second player Anders Eriksson, and Lead Gerry Waahlin, supported by alternate Mikael Ljungberg).

Earlier, Canada had beaten Scotland by 9-3 in the semi-finals, while Sweden had beaten United States by 6-4.

In the bronze medal game, United States (skip Jeff Wright, third Russell Armstrong, second player Sean Silver, and lead Russ Brown, supported by alternate Steve Waters) beat Scotland by 7-2.

They said it


Sherry Anderson; skip Canada (after winning gold medals): "World champion sounds marvellous, it really does. I’ve been playing this sport a long time trying to get this title, so it’s really sweet. I thought we played really well this week other than an end here or there, we were in control of most of our games. It feels great, it would have been very disappointing the way we played not to finish it off. I’ve played in enough finals that I know you just try to keep your emotions in check, and, with practice over the years, that helps. Being in big finals helps too. It’s really no different, it’s just another game and you’ve got to make all your shots until the last rock is thrown."

Margie Smith; skip United States (after taking silver medals): "Well, it’s silver not gold, but it’s better than bronze. It’ll take a while, we didn’t bring our best game. This morning, we brought a pretty good game and made a lot of shots, the girls played well. In the first four ends I thought we were in there all the time. It was just a shot here, a shot there. Even though we were down by three or four, I thought it was closer than that. Canada played awesome so hats off to them."

Dagmar Frei; skip, Switzerland (after winning bronze medals): "It’s wonderful. Playing against Anette was tough, but we had a really good game and we enjoyed every minute of it, every stone. Bronze medals… it’s wonderful. I didn’t think we’d do this, it’s really great."


Wade White; skip, Canada (after winning gold medals): "That was a good game and I’m feeling good now. My body was a little sore between game but it’s feeling good now. We executed well, and we got a few misses, but we were curling really well. We had a really good start in both games. I wasn’t expecting the second three, he had a pretty hard shot in the first end, but that was a really good start by us. I think he had a cutter and didn’t pick up on it for a couple of ends.

"World champion? It’s taken forty years of curling, it feels good. It’s been a battle all my life just to get out of Alberta. I’m going to savour it now"

Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after taking silver medals): "They were too good to give them a start of six. They were really good in the first two ends and my stones were curling a lot, so we changed the stones after the first ends and then we got a little better, but it was too late. They are really good, so I have no complaints, they were playing really, really good and they are deserved winners."

Jeff Wright; skip, United States (after winning bronze medals): "Bronze medal – not what we were looking for, but very happy to medal. In the semi-final, Sweden just played magnificently. We tried to stay with them as good as we could. It was a good game and we were just one shot away from being on the other side of that. In that game, we were hitting on all cylinders, we were controlling the position of the rocks and it just went our way."



Gold medal: United States 4-5 Canada.

Bronze medal: Switzerland 5-3 Sweden.

Semi-finals: Canada 7-5 Switzerland; United States 6-3 Sweden.


Gold medal: Sweden 2-8 Canada.

Bronze medal: United States 7-2 Scotland.

Semi-finals: Scotland 3-9 Canada; Sweden 6-4 United States.

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