Slovenia ready to host European Curling Championship C-Division 2016

  • Inside the Ledena Dvorana Zalog arena Photo: Slovenian Curling Association

The Slovenian Curling Association will host its first international curling event between Monday 25 April and Sunday 1 May, when the European Curling Championship C-Division 2016 takes place.

Results from the European Curling Championship C-Division 2016 are available here:

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    In Ljubljana, at the Ledena Dvorana Zalog, 19 teams from 15 countries will be vying for four places at the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships 2016, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland between 18 and 26 November 2016. 11 men’s teams and eight women’s teams will contend for the four qualification – two men’s and two women’s – spots available in the B-Division.

    The 11 men’s teams are: Andorra, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Romania and Serbia.

    The eight women’s teams are: Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia.

    Round-robin play will run for six days from Monday 25 April, at 17.00 (Central European Summer Time, CEST) through to Saturday 30 April. This will be followed by a tiebreaker session, if necessary and then a set of medal matches on Sunday 1 May.

    Following the round-robin the top four teams in each of the men’s and women’s events will be ranked. The first placed team will play the second placed team at 12.00 (CEST) to determine who qualifies first for the European B-Division and wins the Gold medals.

    The team who finishes in third place will play the fourth placed team, also at 12.00 (CEST). Subsequently, the loser of the game between one and two and the winner of the game between three and four will play each other at 16.00 (CEST) to decide who wins the second qualification place and the Silver medals. This format applies to the men’s and the women’s championships.

    This is the first time this championship has taken place at this time of year. The last edition of the event was held in Champéry, Switzerland, in October 2015. At the World Curling Federation’s Annual General Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2015 it was decided that the European Curling Championships C-Division 2016 will be played in April to give more preparation time to the teams that qualify for the B-Division.