Le Gruyère European Curling Championships 2016 places for Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and France

  • ECC-C 2016 medallists Photo: © WCF / Antonio Ahel

Belarus women and Estonia men have won Gold medals at the European Curling Championships C-Division 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as places at the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships B-Division to be played in Glasgow, Scotland later this year.

Silver medals were won by Lithuania women and France men, who also secured spots in the B-Division. Bronze medals were collected by Austria women and Ireland men.

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    After establishing a 4-2 lead at the fifth end break, with single points in the opening two ends and a score of two in the fourth end, Belarus went all the way to a tenth end before winning Gold in Sunday’s (1 May) 1v2 final with Austria. Austria fought back to 5-5, with single point scores in each of the sixth, seventh and ninth ends.

    However, Belarus – made up of skip Alina Pauliuchyk, third Daria Bogatova, second Aryna Sviarzhynskaya, lead Marharyta Dziashuk and alternate Natallia Sviarzhynskaya – scored two points in the final end to secure the win, 7-5.

    Lithuania won their 3v4 game 8-4 over Spain before beating Austria in the Silver Medal Game by 7-3. Lithuania comprised of skip Virginija Paulauskaite, third Lina Januleviciute, second Asta Vaicekonyte, lead Olga Dvojeglazova and alternate Grazina Eitutiene.

    In the men’s championship, despite only scoring in three of the nine ends in the 1v2 final, Estonia secured a 7-4 victory over France, to win Gold and qualify for the B-Division. After seven ends the scores were level, 3-3, but a score of four points in the eighth end for Estonia proved too difficult for France to comeback from.

    However, France went on to win Silver, after beating Ireland in a close Silver Medal Game that ended 7-6.

    Estonia were made up of skip Martin Lill, third Ingar Maesalu, second Johan Karlson and Tanel Toomvali. France were skip Jean Olivier Biechely, third Louis Pizon, second Simon Pagnot, lead Sylvain Mouterde and alternate Theo Ducroz.

    The 2016 B-Division takes place in Braehead, in Glasgow, Scotland between 18 and 26 November. At the same time, in the same location, the A-Division will be played.

     ECC C 2016 play offs bracket women
     ECC C 2016 play offs bracket men
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