WMCC 2013: Day 2 Early Round-up

In Sunday afternoon's fourth session of round-robin play at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship in Victoria, Canada, Scotland beat Denmark while in the earlier morning session, Canada had beaten Finland to remain the only two teams with unbeaten records, on two wins each.

Japan skip, Yusuke Morozumi, lead his team to victory against USA Photo: WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

The added spice to this situation was that they were due to meet each other in Sunday's evening session of play.

The Scotland - Denmark game was so tight it went to an extra end. In the eighth end, Scottish skip David Murdoch drew to score one point and tie the score at 3-3, before going on to win by 5-4 with an open hit and stay for one point in the extra end.

Afterwards, Murdoch said: "It was always going to be a tight one, these guys are a good team. We started a little bit slower today than we did yesterday so we had to adjust and hang in there. We turned it up a little bit in the second half, so it was good to get the hammer and a win on the board. We had a great tenth end and, going into the extra end, as long as you can see the button, you've got a good chance of the win."

In their game, Canada had to recover from giving up a score of four points in the third end when Finnish skip, Aku Kauste, played a perfect tap-out on a Canadian stone to take a 4-1 lead.

In the fifth end, Kauste was wrong with his final draw and handed Canada a steal of three points and a 5-4 lead. In the tenth end, Canada's Brad Jacobs ran the Finns out of stones for an 8-6 win.

After this scare, Jacobs said: "We definitely struggled early in that game, but we were persistent. They made a lot of shots in that end when they got four and we didn’t make any. A pretty embarrassing end of curling for us, to be honest with you."

Norway faced Switzerland in the other Sunday morning game, and, in the first end, Swiss skip Sven Michel tapped-up one of his own stones to take a 2-0 lead.

In the eighth end, Norway's skip Thomas Ulsrud produced a good promote double take-out to score a single point and take the lead at 6-5. In the ninth end, Michel attempted a double take out, looking to score three points, but his stone rolled out and Switzerland had to settle for a 7-6 lead.

Eventually, Ulsrud had a nose-hit with his last stone of the tenth end to score two points and seal an 8-7 victory.

After the game Ulsrud said: "It was really important to win, but we were struggling before the break. The Swiss guys were all over us so we had a talk at the break. We said we just have to go for it. We were lucky enough to get a big steal of two points in the sixth end which never hurts."

In the Sunday afternoon session, Russia faced the Czech Republic. The Czechs moved into a strong position early on in this game when skip Jiri Snitil drew for four points in the third end for a 4-1 lead.

Russia fought back and eventually scored two points with a double take-out in the tenth end to tie the game at 6-6 and force an extra end. The Czechs however were strong enough and eventually won by 7-6.

Afterwards, Snitil said: "We’re happy with our overall position, but my last shot in the tenth was just about the same shot I played before and it kind of cut on us. Fortunately, it rolled into a position where he couldn't hit for three, which would have been a disaster. We just said, let’s keep going and play a good extra end, and we did."

In the Japan-USA game, Japan built an early lead but the USA levelled the score at 5-5 when their skip, Brady Clark, drew a third American counter into the house in the seventh end.

After this, Japan went on to win by 7-6 when their skip, Yusuke Morozumi, played a double-take-out to score the one point needed for the win.

Afterwards Morozumi said: "We're very pleased to win this game. It was our first win so we're very happy. We were nervous after the seventh end when they tied the game, but we expected this because it's the World Championship. We tried our best and thankfully it worked out for us."

In the fourth game of the session, Sweden's Niklas Edin took a 2-1 lead by drawing for two points in the fourth end, but after another tight game, China's skip Rui Liu played a perfectly-judged hit and stay to score one point and win the game by 5-4.

Session 3:
Norway 8, Switzerland 7; Canada 8, Finland 6.
Session 4: Russia 6, Czech Republic 7 (extra end); USA 6, Japan 7; Scotland 5, Denmark 4 (extra end); Sweden 4, China 5.

Standings after 4 sessions:
Canada won 2, lost 0
Scotland 2-0
China 2-1
Sweden 2-1
Czech republic 2-1
Norway 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Japan 1-1
USA 1-1
Finland 0-2
Denmark 0-2
Russia 0-3

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