Quarter-finals places for Finland, China, Scotland and England

  • Ben and Anna Fowler sweeping in their game against Korea Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

England will have a best ever finish at a World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship after winning their 1/8 final on Friday (22 April) afternoon’s second session of play.

The 7-5 win over Korea ensures a place in the quarter-finals, which will be played on Friday (22 April) evening at 19.30 (Central European Summer Time), and therefore a ranking in the top eight at the end of the championship. Their previous highest finish was 13th in 2010.

Finland, China and Scotland also progressed to the quarter-finals, which guarantees them Olympic Qualification Points.

Scores of four in the first and fifth ends helped China to a 12-1, 1/8 final win over Denmark, while a score of five points in the seventh end saw Finland keep their unbeaten run at this event in check and beat Ireland 10-5.

Scotland and 2015 champions Hungary, were engaged in a close battle, with the scores level at the end of the seventh end at 5-5. The match was decided by the last stone of the eighth end. Hungary’s Zsolt Kiss needed to clear Scottish stones out of a busy house, but was unable to do so, which gave Scotland a steal of one and a 6-5 victory.

They Said It

Tomi Rantamaki; Finland (after 10-5 win over Ireland): “We had some possibilities but we didn’t use them in the beginning, but in the end we had some chances. It is very important [earning Olympic points], now it’s easy to concentrate for the next game and to get more points.”

Dexin Ba; China (after 12-1 win over Denmark): “It feels good. We just think the game is not finished and to keep going. To win the game we are happy.”

Bruce Mouat; Scotland (after 6-5 win over Hungary): "We put them [Hungary] under quite a lot of pressure. I knew as it [Zsolt Kiss' final shot] crossed the hog line that we had won. To secure points for GB is great and to have England trotting along beside us is good too. We're definitely going for the Gold - for as many points as possible and at the same intensity."

Anna Fowler; England (after 7-5 win over Korea): "It feels absolutely fantastic! I am so pleased and really proud of the way we played today. I think we had a bit of a shaky start, I think both teams struggled with the ice, but then we made a pretty good shot for two when we were looking down, and I think that just really spilled us onto go for it."

FIXTURES, quarter-finals

Russia v Finland; Estonia v China; Scotland v Canada; USA v England

FIXTURES, quarter-finals (b-side)

Hungary v Ireland; Slovakia v Korea; Denmark v Austria; Norway v New Zealand

RESULTS, 1/8 finals session two

Finland 10-5 Ireland; China 12-1 Denmark; Hungary 5-6 Scotland; Korea 5-7 England

For full standings and results from Groups A-F visit, www.worldcurling.org/wmdcc2016/livescores