Day four quotes

  • Bulgaria during their win over Switzerland Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

Team reactions from the fourth day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 in the Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the first day of action...

They Said It, session 18

Tadas Vyskupaitis; Lithuania (after 9-5 win over Slovenia): "It's really good! We felt really confident in the first half, and in the second half we've just missed one crucial shot and we let the opponents do a really nice comeback. But we managed to keep the pace in the last end, and we did it. This means a lot in terms of gaining experience and gaining positive experience, so I think it's a really nice achievement. Well, we waited for that, we had some chances before, we had our chances with Austria, that was a very unfortunate game, but well, we took our victory now."

Romain Borini; France (after their 8-6 victory over Australia): "It was a very, very close game. Maybe not a beautiful game but very, very close. It was very hard because we missed a lot of shots and Australia missed a lot of shots. When we missed a shot, they missed a shot. It was very, very close but we are happy."

Lithuania record their first win of the championship.
WCF / Hamish Irvine

They Said It, session 17

Gina Aitken; Scotland (after their 19-0 win over Qatar): "We’re trying to make sure we’re playing as well as we can. We know that this is the first championship Qatar have been at so their inexperience in that way showed, but as long as we were going out there and playing the best we could that was really the aim."

Kristin Moen Skaslien; Norway (after 6-2 win over Romania): "It feels good. The goal is to do better than last year, we’ll try to do better than a bronze but it feels good to be in the play-offs. The Romanian’s played really well so we had to take the 1 and be patient, but we played okay and got there in the end."

Photo below: Norway pair Kristin Moen Skaslien and Magnus Victor Nedregotten.
WCF / Hamish Irvine

They Said It, session 15

Artis Zentelis; Latvia (after 11-1 win over Belgium): ”It’s tough to say [how they feel]. We would like to see the result in our group’s other games. But we still have a chance to get a tie-breaker, so hopefully everything will go fine for us. We were a little bit struggling with weight, but I think yes, we are in good shape now and we want to have a good game against Slovakia.”

Irantzu Garcia; Spain (after 9-3 win over Israel): “I really think we were unlucky the first three games. We played USA, Denmark and New Zealand – and they were really hard. We had good games, but we missed a couple important shots and that made the difference. We used the Power Play and took three points and that was the advantage. Going into the last end up by four, it’s really a dream.”

Photo below: Latvia pair of Artis Zentelis and Ieva Rudzite
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session 14

Dorottya Palancsa; Hungary (after 7-5 win over Poland): "Our game is still not perfect, we still have some tiny mistakes, so we would like to correct them for the upcoming games, firstly, against Switzerland tomorrow. It wasn't a bad game, but there's surely room for improvement."

Reto Seiler; Bulgaria (after 6-5 win over Switzerland): “It feels great, we really didn’t expect it. [The winning shot] was a bit lucky for us because it could have been precisely tee-line or a little bit heavier if it would hang out there, we could roll a little bit in. so it was kind of a multi-optional shot. We were all the time sure that we could be better and make some shots."