Day one quotes

  • Aline Lima and Marcelo Mello in action for Brazil Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

Team reactions from the first day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 in the Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the first day of action...

They Said It, session three

Tabitha Peterson; USA (after 12-3 win over New Zealand): “It was good! It's always hard, the first game of an event, just kind of getting your feet under you and getting a feel for the ice and the rocks. [Against New Zealand] We just had to be patient and trust that we would get the hang of things eventually. After the fourth end we felt a little more comfortable with the weights and the line calling."

Karina Toth; Austria (after 8-6 win over Sweden): “We were quite nervous in the beginning because it’s our first Worlds together [Toth and Sebastian Wunderer]. Then to play against such a good team – in Sweden was quite nerve wracking. But, we turned it around in the end and started to play better.”

Photo below: USA's Tabitha Peterson and Joe Polo watch a stone during their game with New Zealand
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session two

Eri Araki; Japan (after 7-4 win over Kazakhstan): “We feel very good [about this win]. It is the first game for us, so it is very important. I think the ice was very difficult for us, I hope our ice reading gets better the next game.”

Anna Fowler; England (after 9-2 win over Romania): “It was really, really good. The ice was lovely, really swingy and we just had draw weight, which is really important in Mixed Doubles. We felt really comfortable, so that’s really good. We’ve never played them [Romania] before, so we didn’t know what to expect. But we managed to get our shots in front of theirs and in front of the tee-line and I think that was the difference in the beginning.”

Magnus Victor Nedregotten; Norway (after 11-1 win over Turkey): “A win – a really good start. I was a little bit nervous for the first game. We had a good time, it’s good to just get it over with and get the feel of the ice and see if our communication works okay.”

Photo below: Anna Fowler of England during session two
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session one

Zsolt Kiss; Hungary (after 11-1 win over Slovakia): “I heard some people cheering us on in the arena, which is a great feeling. I do hope that they will be here for the upcoming games as well."

Marcelo Mello; Brazil (after 8-7 win over Wales): “There was plenty of emotions [in that game] but we are very very happy. It was a tough game for both teams – It was a battle. We had a chance to win and then Wales came back and had a chance to win, but Aline [Lima] made a great shot for the win.”

Gina Aitken; Scotland (after 9-8 win over Russia): “I think because it was the first time we played on the ice it changed a lot throughout both practices and the first couple of ends so it took a while to adjust. After that the ice was really good and we sort of settled in. That's probably why we got a bit better.”