Day six quotes

  • Allen Coliban of Romania sweeps stone Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

Team reactions from the sixth day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 in the Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the first day of action...

They Said It, session 26

Dustin Kalthoff; Canada (after 13-1 win over Australia): “We hadn’t played on that sheet yet, so we wanted to learn that sheet. We wanted to learn the rocks on that sheet. We wanted to continue fine tuning. We wanted to maintain momentum and remain sharp. We didn’t want to go in there and say “well the game doesn’t matter” because then you lose your momentum. [Adding Olympic points] hasn’t changed it [the event] at all for us. We have the same intention. Even if Canada gets to go to the Olympics for Mixed Doubles, we may not be the team that gets to go. We aren’t looking that far ahead. We’re just looking as far as each game and this competition and whatever comes of it afterwards, comes of it afterwards. We would love if we could be the team that goes to the Olympics, but at this point it’s not guaranteed. I think it’s completely possible we could be that team [that represents Canada at the Olympics], but that’s all we know right now.”

Jang Hyeji; Korea (after 9-5 win over Austria): “It was a very tight game so we were a little bit nervous and the end was good and the shot was good and I felt very comfortable so I thought we would win.”

Photo below: Dustin Kalthoff and Marliese Kasner of Canada
WCF / Hamish Irvine

They Said It, session 25

Anna Fowler; England (after 8-2 win over Turkey): “For us it’s a really massive help [not playing tie-breaker] because our draw shot wasn’t fantastic so I think we’re definitely better in qualification games. So it’s really good for us to get through [to the quarter finals] I’m really pleased.”

Thomas Kooi; Netherlands (after 6-8 loss to Denmark): “[The experience] was really nice, it’s really new. I’ve been playing a lot of Master’s events with my men’s team. I’ve been making ice at some World Championship events and University Games. But just never played in them – so I know the arena, I know everything else but it’s a whole new experience to be down on the ice and throwing those rocks. The experience you gain here is different than any other curling club you go to."

Jure Culic; Solvania (after 8-12 loss to Finland): "I’m happy with the shots that we made, but we were just missing a few millimetres every now and then, so in the end we came out with zero wins. But, it was a good experience and we’re going to get Olympic points next year."

Photo below: Thomas Kooi of Netherlands
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session 24

Allen Coliban; Romania (after 12-4 win over Kazakhstan): “It was good [the game]. We were focusing on making our shots because that’s what we were missing throughout the week. That’s where we were going wrong and now I think we are well trained, so when is the next championship starting? That was just the first half of the full game which means trying to get points for the Olympics. So half time we’ve seen how hard it is, and what it takes to get there. I think performance wise, we’re not that far. The results on the scoreboard are not supporting my words, and I hope next year will be different.”

Anastasia Bryzgalova; Russia (after 8-7 win over Czech Republic): “[The round-robin] was difficult in the start, we just didn’t feel as good, but after that it’s going very well. We need to have good execution and the will to win.”