Day three quotes

  • Korea's Jang Hyeji during their third win of the championship Photo © WCF / Hamish Irvine

Team reactions from the third day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 in the Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the first day of action...

They Said It, session 13

Karen Wauters; Luxembourg (after 8-3 win over Romania): "Being a new country here it is fantastic to pull-up, have a solid competition and come out on top. It's great."

They Said It, session 12

Camilla Noreen; Sweden (after 13-3 win over Slovenia): "We played well, and it was good, because we had a bit of struggle in the first two games, so now we are maybe getting better. We took a four in the second end, and that was of course good for our confidence. So then we could play a little more relaxed, and we really tried to go for the shots."

Photo below: Sweden in action during session 12
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session 11

Marco Pascale; Italy (After 10-2 win over France): "It wasn't as easy as it might have looked. We got off pretty well, we got a deuce in the first and a force in the second, then we were forced in the third, but we've got really good ends in the fourth and fifth ends with the steals. We didn't use our Power Play and that worked out pretty well. We are very happy about this win."

Oona Kauste; Finland (after 9-7 win over Austria): “Well, my first draw was a little bit too heavy [in the seventh end], and then they made two really good draws and my last stone was maybe too slow or something, and I couldn’t make it – and they took four. [However], we have only had a few practices together and it feels like we can play really good together.”

Photo below: Lucrezia Laurenti in action for Italy
WCF / Hamish Irvine

They Said It, session 10

Scott Becker; New Zealand (after their 11-7 extra end win over Spain): "We were a wee bit disappointed with how we played against the US, we missed a couple of key opportunities, so it feels good to get a win. That one was still a bit shaky, but a W is a W at the end of the day. I made a couple of rough line calls on Bridget and she made a couple of beautiful shots to get us out of trouble, so she was the saviour in that game."

Dustin Kalthoff; Canada (after their 8-3 win over Ireland): "When you're from Canada you don't get a lot of opportunities to represent your country because there’s so many excellent curlers. It’s a lifetime dream of mine, like it is for most Canadians, it’s just an honour that can’t be described in words. Momentum here is important. We need to keep doing all the things we’re doing right and to keep working on the things that need minor tweaking to get to the point that we feel like we can bring home the gold."

Photo below: Canada's Dustin Kalthoff working hard during their win over Ireland.
WCF / Hamish Irvine

They Said It, session nine

Mikael Qvist; Denmark (after 10-4 win over Belarus): "We didn’t play so well but the only thing that counts is we got the win. I’m actually from Sweden so it’s really nice to come back to Sweden and play for Denmark. It’s so nice, I’m really enjoying it."

Aneta Lipinska; Poland (after 8-3 win over Bulgaria): "Everything is different than I expected when we were in the Polish competition. We’ve had problems playing well and reading this ice but I think this is amazing and it will be a great experience for us."

Photo below: Poland's Aneta Lipinska during their first win at the Championship.
WCF / Hamish Irvine